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Lift Kits Bentonville, AR | Norm the Tire Man

Ever drive down the road and see a truck, SUV, or Jeep that looks like it should be about the same size as your vehicle but it’s towering above you? What’s different about it? Big, tough looking tires of course. And also a tough lift kit! Why do I need a lift kit? That’s a good question! Trail riding, dirt racing, rock crawling, and off roading are popular forms of recreation. If you’re looking for a tough rugged look for your vehicle, something that not only looks aggressive but can also tackle tough trails, then you need a lift kit. Lift kits allow you to get additional height and fender clearance on your truck, Jeep, or SUV so that you get those bigger tires that you want and need for tricky terrain and trails. With a lift kit like the ones we install, you’ll be able to raise your vehicle’s center of gravity and approach steeper angles and rockier terrain while off roading. Plus, they look cool!

WE are proud to say that we exclusively offer TUFF COUNTRY lift kits because of their engineered high quality products and affordability. All lift kits from Tuff Country are made from high quality top grade steel and cut to precise dimensions by a state of the art computerized laser beam. What does this mean for you? It means every bracket is made the same and will allow a proper fit and perfect installation by someone from our team. All their lift kits are backed with a warranty and you already know you can trust us for our high quality tire services. Norm the Tire Man is your best choice for lift kits in Bentonville, AR. Call us today, or schedule an appointment online and let us help get the lifted look of your dreams. After all, you deserve the best!

Tuff Country Lift Kits Bentonville, AR | Norm the Tire Man