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Norm the Tire Man Testimonials

"Good service, quick and friendly. I went in for a steering wheel shake, which could have been a number of things. After inspection the problem was traced to tires out of round. Just 35 minutes later new tires were on the truck and there was no more wheel shake. I'm going back."


"Excellent and honest!! I went there to get an estimate on a grinding noise I kept hearing, and they were honest and reasonable. This was the third place I went to and the lowest estimate. The grinding noise was fixed and they were fast and friendly."


"Great place! Their mechanics are top notch. My experience has been nothing but fantastic here."


"Solid work, I am very pleased. If I need more tires in NWA, it's Norm!"

Bruce K.

"I guess I had separation anxiety because I have been to this place twice in two years (visiting from Kentucky). Both times I have had a tire emergency and these guys came thru like a NASCAR pit crew. The prices are reasonable, the quality is high, and they are fast. Thanks Gents!"

Patrick P.

"I just wanted to thank you for the service that I received from Norm the Tire Man. I am writing this letter to thank you for being a company that is, in my opinion, a company that is honest and can be trusted not to “rip off” the people that bring their vehicles to your for repair.

When I dropped off my vehicle for needed repairs, you gave me an estimate on how much it was going to cost. Shortly after dropping off my vehicle you called me and told me you had made a mistake on the estimate at that it would be about $100.00 more than they original estimate, and you explained why.

When my car was ready I went in to pick it up and the total bill was only about $8.00 more than the original price quoted to me, NOT the $100.00 that I was told it would be. Your company had the opportunity to chare me an extra $100.00 for work done, but you didn’t do it.

My wife and I moved here several years ago and have been looking for someone to trust to work on our vehicles that would do a good job and not take advantage of us. I have now found that place. From now on when I need work done on my vehicle or my wife’s vehicle, Norm the Tire Man will be getting all of our business. Thank you to everyone for being very friendly, polite and easy to talk to."

Jim L. Sgt., Kern Co. Sheriff’s Dept. (Retired)